Charter Boat

This regatta has high participation expected and we have had many requests for charter boats.  There are many reasons to make your boat available for charter for J/80 World and North American championships including the following:

– Get 1 year free J/80 North American annual membership dues

– Have your boat inspected and certified in advance for one-design compliance

– Free towing assistance for your vessel to and from the Newport venue

– Increase the value and pedigree and performance record of your boat by having an international championship team show you what your boat can do

Need a J/80 boat to charter?

Boat available for Charter

  • Please submit details regarding your J/80 that is available for charter. Please note, that scope of the charter is expected to include insurance, all safety gear and weight and configuration conformance to current class rules.
  • Please describe boat and accessories on boat… including hard vang, computer equipment, option for including sails, etc.
  • Upload images of your boat
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 128 MB.
    • What is desired charter price

    Insurance Recommendations for Participants:

    U.S. Sailing promotes One-Design insurance through the Gowrie Group.  They are not the only insurance provider, but these are their recommendations.

    1.     Boat owner buy a 12 Month One Design policy, with the appropriate navigation selected, add Charter Coverage (additional $100.00). We suggest the owner get a refundable damage deposit equal to the racing deductible (approximately $2,000). The Racing deductible is 5% of the boat value.
    2.     The person chartering your boat should buy single Event Insurance.  Based on the boat value of $30,000 with $300,000 liability and no paid crew, the Event insurance cost is $300.00. Attached is event insurance application.  Back to back regattas, at Sail Newport, can be 1 event if the charterer and boat are the same.
    Coverage cannot be considered bound without written confirmation from Gowrie Group.    

    About the One Design policy:
         * This is an annual, fully earned policy (paid in full prior to issuing the policy)
         * Trailers and dollies are not included in the hull value and should be listed separately
         * Coverage for sails is limited to fire, sinking or theft only
         * The quote is valid for 30 days
    J/80 World Championships 2022